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Feb 18 2014, 11:01 PM
Even if she does blame Nicole, the root of her brother's demise is Kristen. Remember"all roads lead back to Kristen" and the standoff is back on"because of you(E.J) and your family.... She will eventually resent him for the drama with Eric because that is how Sami rolls, especially if her family chimes in on it, and you know they will, especially if they set a date. You heard Roman last week about how he doesn't want E.J as his son in law, then add Roman asking Rafe to unofficially poke around a bit, so he can convince sami to not marry a Dimera again...the affair gets out, Abby will pick up the pieces for her misunderstood man, and she will welcome him with open legs, arms, whatever, also if she is preggers or if she's trying to get preggers to keep him, it's the next phase for E.J and Abby, so that when AS leaves it will be trying to get revenge in some way....
I don't think Abby should intentionally get pregnant to hang on to EJ.He is good looking,sexy,and good in bed but intentionally getting pregnant to hang on to him is a step too far.They are already straying from the Abby who told EJ she could handle it ,if it was over.I understand her telling him how she feels now and asking him if he is sure of his feelings but once he sets the date with Sami the writers should have her let go.She should walkaway and let him make the next move.
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