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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Abigail can't let EJ go

Weighing in on the whole Abigail/EJ/Sami story, now that I've thought about it for a while. My biggest issue with this development is that I can't sympathize with or root for any of these characters. Abigail is screwing someone else's fiance, which is stupid at best and scummy at worst. EJ is cheating on someone he claimed to love and with whom he has two kids. I don't pretend to understand his obsession with Sami, but after everything he did to get her, it seems weird that he'd risk it all for random sex with some Sweet Young Thing. And Abigail still seems underdeveloped as a character, which makes the affair even less plausible. As for Sami, she is technically the wronged party with whom I guess we're supposed to sympathize. Except that Sami is so self-absorbed, abrasive, and unlikable--to say nothing of the stunts she herself has pulled over the years--that I can't bring myself to care about how she'll react when EJ and Abigail's affair is exposed. A plague on all their houses!
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