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Viewing Single Post From: Guy Wilson Talks The “Days” Gay Engagement

Feb 19 2014, 08:01 AM
Feb 18 2014, 09:44 PM
Guy will be doing a number of interviews on Thursday including DR.

My point was not that they are doing no mainstream interviews, though there really haven't been many lately. It was that right after they were omitted from the promo, two gay press sites (please, anyone give me a more PC term if there is one) got big exclusive interviews about the engagement. I was remarking that it seemed to me that for a 'first' like this on Daytime, NBC was playing the extremely safe route and not advertising this news in the mainstream press.
What mainstream press did Massey do?
Chandler gave a statement to Entertainment Weekly back in 2011, when they exclusively confirmed that Will was gay, but I don't think that he ever gave them a proper interview. The important thing to note, though (and what could arguably be proving Ellie's point, although I still think that it's too soon to tell), is that Entertainment Weekly got that exclusive -- not The Advocate or even Soap Opera Digest, but Entertainment Weekly.
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