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I understand why Abby hates Theresa, but the insults a person chooses are colored by their belief system. If she didn't think there was something wrong with Theresa and Daniel having casual sex, she never would have thrown it in their faces.

I don't think EJ is giving Abby mixed signals, either. He enjoyed having sex with her, which he's said with both actions and words. Then he told her it was over and he hasn't given her any reason to believe that he's not serious about that. It's not like they've been taking secret weekend getaways or he's been buying her gifts or anything that should make her think that they had a future together. And I don't believe that no cheater loves the person they're cheating on. Sometimes people hurt the people they love.
Really? You don't think touching Abby's face, telling her to stay when she wants to leave, telling her how great she is, etc is leading her on in any way? He is definitely sending her mixed signals. He shouldn't be doing those things if he wants to end it with her.

I was floored when he told her to stay the other day at the DImansion....if there was ever a time that he could have just let her go, it was then. I am beginning to think that they are writing it this way so that she chooses to move on from Ej and then Ej just can't let it go.
:hail: I can't agree with this enough times and there's no spin anyone could put on it that changes the fact HE wanted her to STAY! No one would've talked and for Pete's sake, take a seat Adrienne - it's the girl's day off and she might not wanna spend it baking awkward cupcakes! :soapbox:
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