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Viewing Single Post From: Guy Wilson Talks The “Days” Gay Engagement

Feb 18 2014, 09:44 PM
Guy will be doing a number of interviews on Thursday including DR.

My point was not that they are doing no mainstream interviews, though there really haven't been many lately. It was that right after they were omitted from the promo, two gay press sites (please, anyone give me a more PC term if there is one) got big exclusive interviews about the engagement. I was remarking that it seemed to me that for a 'first' like this on Daytime, NBC was playing the extremely safe route and not advertising this news in the mainstream press.
This is my beef right now. I feel like NBC (not Days) wants to hide Wilson in the closet. They don't get promoted outside of the gay press for the most part and we now know NBC refused to allow Wilson in the Valentine's Day promo. The Wilson wedding won't be a part of May sweeps, again is another sign to me. I give Days a lot of credit for all they show and write. They have tried so hard to show equality. But I'm disappointed in NBC. I get they are allowing things to be shown but a the same time its as if they don't want people to know what's really happening on the show between Wilson. This is a gay marriage which is such a big deal right now and if you don't follow gay media you'd never know it was on. Also wilson never in spoilers regarding their marriage... I wish you could get exclusive with NBC about this. I'd love to hear their spin. If only...
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