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The Room Stops
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Feb 20 2014, 11:49 AM
Amazing episode...I remember it well.

I especially loved having the SOD Awards follow each of these primetime episodes and watching DAYS walk away with almost every award in sight :)
Even though nothing will ever beat the MTS eyeroll. That has to be giffed. Someone has to have it.

Favorite part of the Night Sins episode?

MARLENA: "You know what... Maybe Carrie 's right, I... I don't feel very well... I think I'll just go home..."

She moves to leave but he stops her with...

JOHN: "Doc, what do you know about Zen?"

Marlena turns around, confused.

MARLENA: "About what?"

JOHN: "Zen. As in Buddhism. It's very complicated, yet it's very simple at the same time. Like the story of the man who wanted to know who Buddha was. So he asked him, 'Are you a god?' And Buddha said, 'No'. So he asked him, 'Are you an angel?' And once again Buddha said 'No'. So he said, 'You must be a saint...' And for the third time Buddha replied, 'No'. So the man said, 'What are you?' And Buddha looked at him and said, 'I am awake!' That's what the word 'Buddha' means...'awake'. The whole thing started with one man who woke up."

MARLENA: "Why are you telling me that story?"

JOHN: "Because that's how I feel when I'm with you Doc, awake, alive, and nothing and nobody on this earth makes me feel that way."

MARLENA: "Don't do this to me."

JOHN: "Now I know you want to go and I'm not gonna' stop you, but please, there is one thing I need to say, alright?"

Marlena waits to hear him finish.

JOHN: "You knew what I was going through when Isabella died. How I was walking around like a zombie, I was dead inside. That night on the plane when you and I made love...you gave me life again, Doc! And if nothing more comes out of this I just want to say 'Thank you'."

Marlena listens, torn between love and sorrow over his words, knowing she should go but not wanting to leave. Turning she gazes down and feels him coming to stand beside her...

JOHN: "If you want me to leave, I will."

He reaches to gently take her chin in his hand, turning her beautiful face towards him so that she must meet his eyes.

JOHN: "Is that what you want?"

She looks at him as he strokes her cheek, mesmerized but unable to speak.

JOHN: "I mean it, Doc. If you want me to leave, I'll walk out that door right now and as hard as it may be, I'll stay out of your life... If that's what you want."

He looks deeply into her eyes, searching for her response...

JOHN: "Do you want me to go?"
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