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Halloween Family
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Feb 20 2014, 03:42 AM
]I am curious about the part of your post stating "Seems to me,she's under his skin." Have you changed your mind about how EJ feels about Abby or am I misunderstanding this or prior posts by you,if you don't mind my asking?

Its probably drafty on the set and I love the way she looks in the hat.
No, I have always thought EJ has had feelings for Abby or at least the show wants me to see that. He's impressed by her "cleverness" and her goodness. The look he gave her when she came in the mansion with her Easy Bake. EJ wiping the flour off her cheek and concern about what's important to her i.e. her brother. This to me isn't what nice guys do, we are WAY beyond past nice. Nice guys would have not banged a young naive girl then tried to whore himself out to her. I don't think he's in love with her but she does do something for him emotionally. It's very selfish just like a lot of side piece relationships are. I would say EJ is going through an identity crisis but I'm pretty sure Ej will come out of this with NO character development.

Abby might be nuts, but I'm not really seeing bunnies being boiled at this point so I'm thinking a triangle of sorts might be the way it plays out. EJ is the type to be flattered by all this attention and is likely to be impressed with antics.

Also, the dream didn't play out like a nightmare to me. It SOUNDED like one but when I watched it for myself it LOOKED like a sex dream that surprised and/or scared him. I guess I'll see how this conference room table stuff plays out and just how harsh he gets with her. EJ just got some from Sami but I get the feeling EJ being drawn to Abby isn't just about Sami but also about Stefano.

I would think if the studio was drafty the little one would be wearing socks too.
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