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Can you walk us through your audition process?
It happened very quickly and sort of suddenly - casting reached out to my agent and asked if they could meet with me that very day. I got a call that morning, saying they had just gotten a call from Days and they wanted to meet with me at 3 pm, and hereís eight pages to memorize. I was like, ďWait, whatís this about?Ē (My agent) said, ďHonestly, we donít know. We just found out this morning.Ē I should preface this being saying that I have come close to doing work on the show in the past, so I already knew casting and casting already knew me. Theyíd already met me, so there was already a rapport there. I went in, and I was the only person there. I did my scene for casting, and they sort of alluded to the fact that there might be a recast happening. But to the very end they didnít really reveal to me that it was a recast (for Will). They just said that they wanted to introduce a new component to this important story. That was sort of my pretext. I went to casting, and then I did a work session with producers after that. Two days later I did another work session, and then I did my screen test with Freddie. Then the following day, I learned not just that I was on the show, but that I was the new Will Horton, and thatís when the magnitude of it really hit me. But it happened quickly. It worked out.

Were you familiar with the show before you were hired?
Once that whole casting process ended, I knew I had to get caught up to speed. I had followed Days for a period up until about 2011, then I had fallen off the last couple of years. So I went back and started watching some of the stories and the characters. I soon realized that thereís just so much that I canít learn it all on my own by watching youtube. I watched a few of the clips that really just focused on the breakdown given to me by the writers. And really the best resource is just talking with the other actors and getting caught up to speed through their experiences.

When you took on the role, were there any changes you wanted to make to the character?
No. I did make some choices, but it wasnít based on Chandlerís performances. It was more just on the physicality of Will. Will is growing up. Heís in his early twenties now, and the one aspect I really wanted to consciously put my own stamp on is just making him more mature and more physically masculine. When I was watching Chandler it was more just to sort of see his physicality with Will. I wanted to make him a little bit less...Will is always going to have a bit of a boyish quality to him. Thatís what sort of makes him appealing, but I want him to continue to become more physically imposing as he grows older.

One criticism that Will has been getting the last year or so is that he is very passive. What are your thoughts on that?
I love the way you worded that. I agree. In the context of the other characters, Will has a very tumultuous family. Growing up, so much of what heís had to do has been reactionary. Heís had to survive based on other peopleís choices and other peopleís actions. Going forward, I would like WIll to grow into more of an alpha male role where he is taking action and other people are reacting to him. Thatís a bridge that I want to happen over time.

Another element which fans have noticed is that Will and Sonny havenít really been with anyone else on screen. Most other characters have had many more love interests before taking the trip to the altar.
Youíre correct. Thereís kind of some fun precedent there that they have more or less remained steadfastly dedicated to one another. I donít know. If anything this is just another way to be unpredictable, the fact that they got engaged without trying to murder one another at some point. The fact that they have this bond between them, itís fun to play. I feel like itís a treat for me. What actor actually gets to be part of a healthy committed relationship in daytime? Itís a new challenge unto itself. Being able to play that is kind of exciting. Daytime has been around since the sixties and before, and the fact that new frontiers are being blazed to this day is a testament to the genre and makes me all the more grateful to be a part of it.

Were you aware of the controversy surrounding the Valentine's Day promo?
No. Tell me about that.
The woman who does the promos tweeted that WilSon were initially included but were removed, perhaps due to the Olympics controversy.
No! I wasnít aware of that. Thatís news to me. That does pique my curiosity. Iíll look into that.

Have you worked with anyone unexpected recently?
Oh, good question... (Long pause) Other characters that are longstanding characters have come into Willís orbit. Iíve been working with Rafe and Hope, and I'm getting to connect with those actors and storylines related to them.

You had an abrupt introduction to soap fans, given how the news of your casting broke. Are soap fans what you expected?
I know the soap fans are very dedicated and very passionate. What I hadnít taken into account was social media and how much closer you can be to that passion and excited than ever before. I can see it all right before my eyes as opposed to days past when there was more distant. Itís interesting. I have fun with it. Itís definitely been much more vivacious than I was expecting.
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