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Feb 20 2014, 11:59 PM
Kristian showing some of her skills from her Junior Olympic days :)

I remember typing the cast & set lists for these episodes a few years back....there were so many characters and locations used back then!!

Here are the Ice Rink location episodes:

Cast: Alice, Bo, Gwen, Hope, Ivy, Marie, Megan, Melissa, Pete, Shane, Stefano, Caroline, Speed, Dock Foreman, Dockworker/Kenny Maloney, Dr. Ross, Customs Official.
Sets: Ivy’s Apartment, Horton Kitchen, Brady Fish Market, Megan’s Apartment, Ivy’s Back Room, Hospital Corridor & Desk, Pier; ON LOCATION: Ice Rink; Stock Shots of Brady Fish Market, Ice Skating Rink Sign.

Cast: Abe, Alice, Bo, Hope, Ivy, Larry, Marlena, Megan, Mickey, Pete, Stefano, Jimmy, Leopold Bronsky, Park Café Waiter/John, Radio Announcer’s Voice.
Sets: Farmhouse Kitchen/Stefano’s Room & Ext. with Marlena’s Car, Marlena’s Living Room, Abe’s Outer Office, Park Café, Body Connection: Hot Tub Room & Utility Closet, Body Connection; ON LOCATION: Ice Rink.

Cast: Bo, Calliope, Chris, Eugene, Gwen, Hope, Larry, Marlena, Megan, Shane, Stefano, Eric, Samantha, Vanessa, Jimmy, Diane, Leopold Bronsky, Mackenzie, Guard # 1/Greg Pierson, Guard # 2/Walter Henry.
Sets: Marlena’s Living Room & Pantry in Kitchen, Marlena’s Bedroom & Bath, Eugene’s House, Shenanigans, Shane’s Apartment, Jimmy’s Car, Larry & Gwen’s Bedroom (Limbo), Body Connection: Hot Tub Room & Utility Closet; ON LOCATION: Ice Rink Auditorium.

Cast: Abe, Bo, Don, Hope, Kimberly, Liz, Marlena, Neil, Shane, Stefano, Leopold Bronsky, Geoffrey, Head Security Guard/Walter Henry, Charles Baxter, Woman.
Sets: Shenanigans, Curtis Study & Foyer, Marlena’s Living Room, Lodge, Charles Baxter’s Office, Backstage at Ice Rink, Abe’s Office; ON LOCATION: Ice Rink.

Cast: Alice, Bo, Hope, Marlena, Shane, Stefano, Tom, Howie, Eric, Samantha, Kate, Jimmy, Sonia, Mackenzie, Dan, Myrtle Robinson, Cherenkov, Crew Worker, Ice Machine Driver.
Sets: Horton Living Room, Marlena’s Living Room, Shane’s Apartment, Cheatin’ Heart, Stefano’s Limousine, Auditorium Front Door & Foyer, Nursery in Laffery Main House, Backstage at Ice Arena, Auditorium Side Door; ON LOCATION: Ice Rink Auditorium.

Cast: Anna, Bo, Don, Hope, Marlena, Shane, Stefano, Jimmy, Sonia, Diane, Zachary, Mackenzie, Clerk/Alan Sholes, Yakov.
Sets: Marlena’s Living Room, Shane’s Apartment, Salem Civic Center Auditorium Foyer, Ext. & Int. Farmhouse & Two-Way Mirror Room, Ext. Country Road, Int. & Ext. Salem Sporting Goods Store; Ext. Auditorium Back Door, ON LOCATION: Ice Rink Auditorium/Stage/Wings.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Gwen, Kimberly, Larry, Melissa, Mickey, Pete, Shane, Stefano, Jimmy, Sonia, Leopold Bronsky, Dave, Mackenzie, Yakov, Waiter/Bobby, Crew Worker.
Sets: Blondie’s, Gwen’s Townhouse, Farmhouse Kitchen, Backstage at Ice Arena, Shane’s Apartment, Jimmy’s Car, Auditorium Side Door, Ladies’ Dressing Room at Ice Arena; ON LOCATION: Ice Rink Auditorium.

Cast: Alex, Alice, Anna, Bo, Calliope, Don, Eugene, Hope, Jasmine, Kimberly, Marlena, Shane, Stefano, Tony, Samantha, Kate, Jimmy, Sonia, Zachary, Leopold Bronsky, Lydia, Anna’s Bodyguard, Skater # 1, Skater # 2, Skater # 3, Security Guard # 1, Security Guard # 2, Stage Hand # 1, Stage Hand # 2, Stage Hand #3, Stage Hand # 4, 8 Skaters.
Sets: Ext. Country Road with Station Wagon, Farmhouse, Ladies’ Dressing Room & Corridor at Ice Rink, Auditorium, Backstage at Ice Rink, Ice Arena Foyer, Tony’s Study & Dungeon Annex, Marlena’s Living Room, Stefano’s Car; ON LOCATION: Auditorium/Stage/Wings.

Cast: Abe, Alex, Alice, Anna, Bo, Chris, Don, Eugene, Gwen, Hope, Jasmine, Kimberly, Larry, Marlena, Melissa, Pete, Shane, Stefano, Tony, Sonia, Leopold Bronsky, Lydia, Reporter, Svetlana/Hope Look-alike Skater, 8 Skaters, Pirosky/Russian Security Guard # 1, Chudnov/Russian Security Guard # 2, Bronsky’s Chauffeur, Airline Clerk, Stage Hand # 1, Stage Hand # 2, Stage Hand # 3, Stage Hand # 4, Uniform Cop, Cameraman, P.A. Voice, Stunt Double for Marlena, Stunt Double for Stefano, Stunt Double for Bo.
Sets: Marlena’s Living Room, Backstage at Ice Rink, Shenanigans, Gwen’s Townhouse, Ice Arena Foyer, Ext. Ice Arena with Bronsky’s Limo, Int. Bronsky’s Limo, Tony’s Dungeon Annex, Salem Airport, Catwalk, Auditorium; ON LOCATION: Auditorium/Stage/Wings.
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