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Feb 21 2014, 01:48 AM
Idk if the people I trust will answer this, but does there seem to be another shift in the writing happening write now? The last one was when ED left, but it has seemed to me like there was another one recently (maybe even just this week). My watching has been limited, so I'm not declaring this to be truth, but it has seemed like maybe the last couple of months they weren't really sure where they were going with some things and now they've kind of settled. Is anyone who is actually watching getting that feeling? Feel free to lie to me because I'm kind of missing the show, and would like to watch again.
From the semi-regular watching I was doing because of GIF-making, it did seem like there was quite a bit of water-treading for quite a bit of Nov/Dec & even into the start of January. It's like Gabi/Sami/Kate's murder coven scenes were a comedy interlude while TPTB decided what they wanted to do & what stories they wanted to tell in the new year. Now things have indeed started to pick up. We've now got Nick back, so that story's onto the next chapter, Ben's coming, so we can assume that something will happen with Jordan & her secret, Aiden's around to start building a love/hate relationship with Hope, EJabby happened (& is somewhat still happening), John's returning, Brady's off the wagon, Eric's not a priest, WilSon's engaged...
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