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Nicole Walker

You know I know Nicole is her own worst enemy and she'll be the one to blame for whatever wrong happens with Eric but I cant' stand that Sami bitch!! Who is this heiffer to get in people's face throwing their past at them, telling people who they can and can't be involved with? Did you take a look in the mirror bitch? This chick is foul. How are you gonna roll up on Nicole and get in her face about Eric? Bitch, where was your ass when Nicole and Daniel were risking their lives literally to help prove Eric's innocence? Oh your ass where no where to be found. Oh that precious sister didn't lift one finger to try to help her own brother. It was Daniel and Nicole that went out of their way to try to help Eric and prove Kristen raped him. This bitch did nothing but run her damn mouth. Oh but she sure can make sure she covers her own ass and of course Eric got thrown to left. Where were you Sami? No where to be seen. You're too busy trying to cover up your own mess! So how dare you get in Nicole's face about anything? You did nothing to help Eric. Not a damn thing. And then you're sexing up the man that threw your brother under the bus to protect his lying ass sister and not one time did he go out of his way to help you prove your brother's innocence. NO he just asked one damn question to STefano and dropped it meanwhile Nicole and Daniel worked like dogs and went out of their way to try to help your brother. So you know what you can do bitch? You can go have a seat and STFU. I hope Nicole is there at her wedding so she can watch it go down in flames, if there was ever somebody who deserves to be humiliated it is Sami Freakin Hypocrite Brady who didn't do shit to help her own brother when he was down and out! Screw you! And where the hell was Marlena? Did she even try to help? They wanted Nicole to help ERic but they want to trash her when Eric says he loves her. Go have a seat bitches! Rant over.
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