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Feb 21 2014, 08:42 AM
I get the points about the touching, even though I don't agree, but I'm really just stunned that people think him asking her to stay long enough for him to tell her they were through is a mixed signal. What if he'd asked her to stay, then he drugged her and buried her alive? Would that have been a mixed signal? HE DIDN"T WANT HER TO LEAVE!!!. ^o)
I don't even agree with the touching. He feels guilty about hurting her. There are so many complications with this relationship for him to thread carefully.... she's young, she's his brother's former girlfriend, and he liked and respected her before they had any sexual affair (god knows why). She's peripherally connected to him (through Will, Allie and Arianna), so he's trying to be nice about the break-up. He can't be dismissive and cruel about their breakup. Plus, the selfish EJ doesn't want to piss her off, it serves his ego for Abby to still find him enthralling.
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