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Feb 21 2014, 09:52 AM
Feb 21 2014, 09:47 AM
AZ is doing a bit of fanwanking. Nicole is much, much worse than Sami is. I completely understand why Marlena would try to keep Eric and Nicole apart. I'm annoyed that Days wouldn't let ericole date for one day before throwing a timebomb in their relationship. Nicole has put Eric's feelings ahead of hers since 2012. It was an example of the way ericole was different than all of her other relationships. I should have known these writers just couldn't have that.
Sami and Nicole are pretty much even in what they've done ...I don't agree whatsover that Nicole is much, much worse..sorry NO....they have both kidnapped, both schemed to get people they wanted that loved others, they have both tried to kill or killed someone, they have lied, cheated, etc....so how exactly is Sami much much better than Nicole? Please do tell, I'd love to hear this one, lol. I've liked both characters just the same and I think the reason i liked both once upon a time equally is because they are so similar....now I'm liking Nicole more due to story but when I liked both I knew why I liked them and it's because they were pretty much the same.
I like Sami and Nicole equally, too. This really has nothing to do with trying to spin to make one of them look better or worse. There are characters I like who are worse than Nicole. Nicole is much worse than Sami, not because of a similar list of crimes, but because of the context in which those crimes were committed. To keep things brief, I'll go with the biggest crime - attempted murder. Sami has killed/tried to kill people in the heat of the moment, immediately after they hurt her or someone she cared about. She's considered premeditated murder, but she just doesn't have it in her to go through with it. Nicole, on the other hand, is willing to plan out murders in advance and have innocent people killed for her own gain.
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