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Feb 21 2014, 10:05 AM
Feb 21 2014, 09:19 AM
My problem with Adrienne is she's so fickle and changes how she feels about Will constantly. Last we saw her with WilSon she was on an apology tour, and was gushing about Will and Sonny's love for one another and was calling Arianna he granddaughter. She needs to accept that her son loves Will and that they've already acting like a married couple. She should've expected it.

I hope Justin talks some sense into her. Adrienne, listen to your husband.

I want Sonny to have an onscrean converstation with Victor and his parents. I would love to see Victor's reaction.
In fairness, Adrienne didn't call Ari her granddaughter, Will did.

What I found most interesting wasn't that Adrienne is not in favor of the marriage (that was expected), but that Sami seems to be faking happiness over the news. Seems she is in agreement with Adrienne but she wants to approach it differently. The "just play along" stood out to me.
Will did refer to Ari as Adrienne's granddaughter but that was after Adrienne almost said it. She stopped herself when she realized what she was about to say, and Will completed the sentence for her. In any case, the scene indicates that both Justin and Adrianne consider Ari to be their granddaughter and there was some dialogue about Adrienne baby sitting Ari or the babysitter having her number incase anything comes up. So, it's clear they consider her as part of their family, so why doesn't Adrienne expect that Will and Sonny will end up getting married? Also, how is their committed relationship different from marriage other than the legality.

Adrienne was right to be concerned about Will and Sonny moving too fast, and about her son being tied down to an instant family at such a young age. She lost that battle, so she should just accept it and let him make his own mistakes.
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