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Feb 21 2014, 08:08 PM
Feb 21 2014, 07:09 PM
I agree, I think the Jafe stuff has been segmented away from the show and even with the inclusion of Lucas and Sheryl, those two characters barely interact with anyone as well.

One thing they need to do is let Rafe and Gabi interact more which then would allow Jordan to interact with Gabi. (She shared a scene with her and Abby once around the holidays but that was never followed up). Nick did interact with Jafe some but I'd follow that up. Let Jordan talk to the guys at the club (wilson and T) too. Rafe should be realizing he needs to visit up on Gabi and Ari more now that Nick is back. I assume if Ben and Abby do get involved (I'm starting to have doubts on that with the spoilers on Ben though) we would see Abby interacting with Jordan more too.

The show IMO is doing a better job with storylines intersecting but it's far from perfect and Jafe is probably the most ostracized. Integrate them more into other stories and it would be easier to care about Jordan's past.
Integration with more characters would be a great way to boost this story. We've had Kate pretty much looming over them as the only source of friction and that's been rather weak. Not to mention tiresome because Kate's involvement leans toward pathetic as it continues to drag on. Seven months of just Kate not liking Jordan. Big whoop. There hasn't been any suspense. We have no flashbacks of Jordan in peril to facilitate her need for secrecy. There is no investment in what she's running from to be on her side. This is where Days is letting down the viewers. Give us the story! At this point I have to wonder if they even know what it is themselves. The writing has been so sparse. Can they not decide?

I do like the chemistry with the pairing. It's there, they have it. They established it now and it's charming, but they are wasting it with no drama to give them strong legs to stand on. I too was hopeful when Sheryl came that we'd get some juicy tidbits. But nada. Now here is Ben and again I'm hoping for some answers to the mystery they've set up. It's time to start delivering.

The grouping of Rafe, Jordan, Sheryl and Lucas have all been very entertaining and a nice set-up to bond them for further complications. More integration like you mentioned for Jordan with other characters would be greatly appreciated and give her a stronger foundation on the show. Other characters beside Rafe need to care about her if danger comes lurking. I like this story. It has great potential still and I want to continue to invest in it. I just need Days to get off the pot and kick it up!
I think they are going to torpedo Rafe & Jordan in favor of Kate & Rafe.

I love Kate as a person but I don't want them
together any more
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