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Feb 21 2014, 08:41 PM
Feb 21 2014, 08:27 PM
Feb 21 2014, 06:28 PM
The most interesting part of the interview is what GW says about Will finding out about EJ and Abby's affair. His answer kinda gives me an idea about the direction they're going with the revelation — bad, bad EJ takes advantage of poor innocent Abby. I am so not here for that.
I may be really naive, but the show has gone so out of the way to portray Abigail as the aggressor, that I think that if Will assumes that Abigail is a victim, that will be portrayed as incorrect. I've always thought that people would assume big bad EJ seduced poor little Abigail, and I'm very curious as to how Abigail will react. My guess is she will stamp her small foot and insist she was the aggressor, partially because she'll be annoyed at being seen as a victim and partially because she will want to protect EJ (as she did with Adrienne).

Aggressor or not, I think Will will have a right to be pissed off at EJ for hurting his mother, and for betraying the trust that Will put in him, undeservedly in my opinion. Of course, I preferred Will when he was working for EJ and enjoying it just because he liked to stir shit, not because he has any affection for EJ.
But Abigail changed her tune a little bit from, "I am a grown woman," to acting like a woman scorned at times, and indignant and asking EJ if he slept with her to keep her silent other times. Besides I think Abigail likes her image as the golden child and she won't disabuse anyone from thinking that EJ took advantage of her. We're talking about the woman who acted like Chad ruined her life (in fact said it few times) because he lied to someone else.

Anyway, what was interesting is that Guy sees Will being angry with EJ for hurting his mom and Abby. So, Will won't be angry with Abby at all but protective of her. In my opinion she doesn't deserve his loyalty because she didn't give him a single thought when she decided to pursue his mother's fiancé. But I expected this to be Will's reaction.
But your reacting to his statement as a viewer who has seen the entirety of this relationship, from how it came to fruition to how it has evolved. Guy answered the question, correctly in my opinion, exactly how it should be viewed by a character who has none of the facts we are privy to. If he reacts any other way, I will have to call shenanigans on the writer's part because, while we know that Abigail wasn't taken advantage of in the situation, everyone involved in the storyline should "rightly" jump to the wrong conclusion.
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