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Feb 21 2014, 05:02 PM
Feb 21 2014, 11:25 AM
Why do I have a bad feeling they plan on reuniting Kate and Rafe?
Please soap gods, no. I can't imagine what the purpose or reason would be for putting those two back together.
I don't believe that for one second, I think Rafe knows something is not right with Jordan and she's running. GG said something similar to that in an interview. I think Kate is about to get someone whacked, and I personally think it's Sheryl...Cheryl?? how ever it's spelled. I think a very evil family is coming to Salem, and nasty will happen. I could see Rafe involved, Lucas involved, Abby involved.. which might also nvolve EJ if something happens to Abby. This s/l has had a boring build up, but I'm hoping for a good story to erupt.

I think it's their family because of things Jordan has said about family, and the talks she's had with Ben. The Dimera are all about family (in a twisted way) and so are the Kirikas and the Alamain's, but maybe this family is at war with each other. I could see this as the family John is connected to, I could see a tie in.
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