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Feb 22 2014, 08:39 AM
Feb 22 2014, 08:33 AM
I think MF asked some great questions too, and I like that Guy Wilson is thoughtful about his character's history and motivations. Chandler's Will was featured in multiple storylines and Will has long relationships with many characters, including Abigail. The fact that he wants to be consistent yet allow Will to grow up is a good choice.

I totally agree, however, that Guy's Will needs to be interacting with more characters. I liked the scenes he's done with Marlena and Abigail. I would like to see him interact more with Kate, have a seen with JJ, have more interactions with T. The great thing about Will is that he's so heavily tied to the canvas that he can have multiple stories outside of his romance with Sonny.
It's not just Will. Will and Sonny are completely isolated from others. Unless they get their own story I don't see that ever changing. As much as I love the writing for Wilson most of the time lately, it seems like their sole purpose is just to sell the progression of their relationship...Will comes out, First kiss, first love scene, baby together, engagement, marriage.

I guess for once Sonny actually has more interaction with others than Will. I found it odd that Will wasn't included in the scenes with Gabi and Sami the other day nor did we see Sonny even tell Will about it...unless it's another secret he will be keeping from him. Also it's Sonny that NIck blackmails coming up, and not Will. Again, wonder where or if Will even fits into that? I think the show maybe was trying to slowly ease Guy into the role. Though, based on his answers it sounds like Sonny continues to be the aggressor or lead of the couple and Will is more supporting him. Very odd, because I always used to complain Will had too much focus. But I do wish Will had more to do. Now I feel like I used to with Sonny that he's more or less just standing around. They sill haven't figured out a way to make Wilson more even grounded story wise.
Guy said that this Will is more mature and more sure of himself. I hope that's the case. I hope he takes a strong stand against Nick and not seem like a weakling spectator of his own story. I want that alpha dog GW is talking about.

But part of me made peace with the marginalized WilSon. They've never been lead of their own storyline. The only time one of them was a lead was during Will's coming out. That was a powerful s/l. To some extend the baby s/l was about them and their relationship and the baby, but Gack featured in it big and they had the upper hand, so it made me more angry than anything.

Gay characters and black characters are always supportive rather than lead. It's like only reactionaries watch soaps. So, their bigoted sensibilities can't take a gay person or a person of color be the person the s/l revolves around. They're just there to either be wholesome or comic relief and propping other characters.
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