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Feb 22 2014, 01:50 PM
Feb 21 2014, 05:02 PM
Feb 21 2014, 11:25 AM
Why do I have a bad feeling they plan on reuniting Kate and Rafe?
Please soap gods, no. I can't imagine what the purpose or reason would be for putting those two back together.
I don't believe that for one second, I think Rafe knows something is not right with Jordan and she's running. GG said something similar to that in an interview. I think Kate is about to get someone whacked, and I personally think it's Sheryl...Cheryl?? how ever it's spelled. I think a very evil family is coming to Salem, and nasty will happen. I could see Rafe involved, Lucas involved, Abby involved.. which might also nvolve EJ if something happens to Abby. This s/l has had a boring build up, but I'm hoping for a good story to erupt.

I think it's their family because of things Jordan has said about family, and the talks she's had with Ben. The Dimera are all about family (in a twisted way) and so are the Kirikas and the Alamain's, but maybe this family is at war with each other. I could see this as the family John is connected to, I could see a tie in.
I would welcome a crime family connection to this story! It'd be interesting to have some new bad guys come to Salem and wreck some havoc. I tend to lean toward Jordan coming from a dangerous background with her obsession for secrecy and the fact she knows how to cover her tracks so well. She must be connected in some way. She mentioned her father being dead to Abby, but I have to wonder if she meant 'dead' to her? She's made enough veiled references to happy families that I'd say it's obvious her upbringing wasn't.

I don't see Kate putting a hit out on Sheryl though. I could more envision Kate getting Sheryl to do her bidding much in the same way she's done with Lucas. Although the sooner Kate is out of the story the better imo. Her desperation and place in it is growing old. Another reason to welcome some evil doers to widen the story and as you said 'have a good story erupt.'

If this slow build mystery starts gaining momentum and fireworks begin going off it will have been worth the wait.
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