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Kate S.
Feb 21 2014, 06:55 PM
I feel like a big problem with this storyline has been how isolated it comes across from everything and everyone else on canvas. So much of Jordan & Rafe's "courtship" took place in these controlled environments (usually areas of the hospital or the park) with just the two of them. Occasionally, Rafe would have a visitor when Jordan was in the room or nearby (Sami, EJ, Gabi, Eric, Nicole, etc.) but they never had them stick around long enough for there to be any real "drama" or character interaction with either one of them. Kate was sort of looming over them from time to time, but it seemed like the longer it went on, the less interested she seemed. (Especially once she got involved in the Nick storyline with Sami & Gabi.)

As much as I've enjoyed the Rafe-Jordan-Lucas-Sheryl interactions, I still can't help but feel like it's all a bit of a sideshow. I hope the Ben character actually does give this story some movement, but then Sheryl was supposed to be something of a "bombshell" for Jordan too, and within a week they had made peace with each other...
I agree the Jordan/Rafe thing has been a sideshow, which makes me think this show is just keeping Rafe around because someone at NBC likes the actor.
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