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Feb 22 2014, 07:28 PM
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If nick does use that, ten Sonny has some HUGE ammo to come back with and send Gabi to prison too which means Abby and Sonny would raise her if they both got sent down.
Chad -- Will's best friend, who never took too kindly to homophobes (or Gabi, for that matter) -- would have been more than happy to put his freedom on the line to protect Will if he had known what Nick was doing to Will, especially since Nick wouldn't have been able to take Sonny, Chad, and Will down without taking Gabi -- the woman Nick was claiming to love at that point -- down with them.

Some risk to Chad :glare: Chad was under a lot of stress because Melanie had just been rescued after being kidnapped, during which Chad had been worried sick about her.

Melanie suddenly disappears again, and while searching for her he finds the man who just got out of prison for murdering Melanie's father and kidnapping Melanie, with something(scarf? hat?) she had been wearing the last time he saw her. He freaked out, snapped, and beat him up trying to get Nick to tell him where she was.

Chad had his spotless criminal record, extenuating circumstances, The Dimera fortune, and his heroic actions in the tunnels on his side. He was facing no more than a tiny slap on the wrist, if even that.
Whick made Chad a moron for signing the agreement Justin drew up instead of going to Stefano.a lawyer of his own, or in a pinch ,EJ.
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