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That's what I thought too. :censored: He going to make Will, Sonny pay. Gabi is dumb enough to go along with it. :facepalm: When is the actress who plays Gabi last air date. :shrug: I wish Gabi would leave soon. :sailing:
So, what do you think Gabi will do?

I've been thinking that Nick might convince Gabi that Sonny and Will will take Ari away from her once they get married and it's better for her if she married him and then they seek full custody of Ari. I don't think he'll use Will's sexual orientation against him since he's pretending to be a good guy. He won't be able to use Will relinquishing his parental rights since Will's name is on Ari's birth certificate, and it was filed with the appropriate office. That supersedes the documents Will signed (I actually checked with my brother who's a lawyer because I have no life). Also, I don't see Will succumbing to blackmail. When Will confronted Nick about what he did, he said that the one thing he hated the most was that Nick made a coward out of him. I don't see Will negotiating his rights where Ari is concerned. He will fight and won't let Nick manipulate him, even after he finds out that Nick still has a recording of his confession. Although, I am hoping it's deep in the river with his back-pack.
I think that Gabi is going to eventually get back together with Nick and then it will be a no holds barred fight for custody of Ari. I also think Sonny no longer has a problem with not keeping Chad's secret regarding Mel/Gabi. He said as much during the last big argument he and gabi had. There is no way will EJ ever press charges against Will for shooting him, even Stephano had forgiven Will. I also think that Will will no longer to cowtow Nick, as another person said here, he hated that he was a coward during the whole paternity sl. So I think he will stand up and fight. Admittedly, both sides (WilSon/Nabi) can easily fling mud at each other, both have done wrong, so I think that it will come down to who a judge finds more desirable as custodial parents. Something I think about is Guy Wilson has been talking [in interviews] about Will becoming stronger, more willing to fight for what he wants, and I realize in no way is he actually confirming my above spec, but I think that what he is not saying outright is that Will will no longer put up with be pushed around by Nick or any one else for that matter. And like most here, there is nothing I want more than for Sonny to show his true KIRIAKIS colors! God I'd love for Sonny to get mean with Nick!

In regards to Adrienne and Will, I hope that Sonny makes her realize that without the "Son in-law" there is no granddaughter. Will and Ari are a package deal. The writers have done so many 360 degree turns with Adrienne's character in the last six months in regards to her feelings about Will and Sonny that she may as well be an Olympian competing in the 1/2 pipe. :)
Last time they were together Adrienne was bonding with Will and gushing about Will and Sonny's commitment to one another. Let's see if the writers remember that and her objections doesn't come off so over the top.

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