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Oak Alley
Feb 18 2014, 05:02 PM
Feb 1 2014, 07:03 PM
Omg I just finished watching johns death from 2007 and read a comment that Deidre Hall cried on the DAYS soundstage for 30 mins alone after they wrapped those death scenes...is that true? Can anyone confirm?
I think that's true. I think I remember reading an interview around that time about them not acting, and crying real tears. They really thought he was gone from the show since he was fired. There was a certain finality about it, and he had expressed his dissatifaction for his lack of airtime for the year 2007. He spent the first few month in a coma, coming out of it only to read some ancient love letters. He even said that that would be his "final mission"...

I just saw Deidre Hall's final scene from 1987... Just so sad and heartbreaking. What a truly amazing actress she is!
She truly is. And I miss the days when she was given screen time (let alone material) to show that. John's death proved how truly brilliant she is. I loved her choices, and I was afraid they'd choose a direction where it became about hysteria (*cough*Sami*cough*)... because Deidre hates doing the BIG scenes, with the screaming and crying. She thinks they should be kept to a minimum for effect (she said something beautiful about Kristian's scene during the Zach death that also pointed that out, and I wish I'd written it down). I'm so glad they let her choose to underplay it. It fit Marlena so well, it fit John and Marlena so well... and if he had truly been dead and gone... it would have been a beautifully done death... even if it was stupid to kill him off in the first place.
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