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Feb 24 2014, 07:01 AM
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I am amused by the idea that Abigail is an important character. Before she discovered EJ's magical peen, to me at least, she was nothing more than Will and Sonny's cousin, on the days that I liked her. And on her STFU days, she was Dan propping, sanctimonious idiot who got on my last nerve. Sort of like the 20yr old crowd's Maxine.
Just because they don't use her properly does not mean she is not important. I remember there was a huge discussion over the show calling her Abigail instead of Abby. It's a small detail. The fact that irritated longtime fans tells of the importance of this character.

If she was a nonessential character changing such a small detail would not even register. I agree she is just as important as Will. I have always liked Will and Abby scenes going back when they were children because it was watching Days legacy. Much like watching Theo and Ciara now.

Some might not like that she is doing EJ now. But Abby is not a character that they can throw away like Ariana and Taylor. She has more footprints in the sand than he does. Heck, just as many footprints as Sami. There is no just kill Abby. You freaking kill Abigail Devereaux, it better be a main story involving a lot of people. It should end up on someone's Emmy reel.
I :wub2: your avi...man he looks good!

and I really need to start whipping out my banners don't I? lol....

Bring out the banners! LOL!

As much as I love Lucas I love his look with longer hair better. It's one of reasons his first wedding with Sami was the most beautiful. Neither character has topped the way they looked that day for me.

Though I would love a gif of the panning of towel wrapped Lucas from the morning of Caroline's funeral.
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