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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepejami his and his fiancee's schedule if it is really what he really wants, nobody is stopping him, certainly not Sami.

In my experience, if a man truly wants you, you don't have to chase after him, blackmail him or even convince him that he wants you. If you have to do all that, it is obvious, he ain't that into you.
If he was really that into her, he would dump Sami and go public with the relationship. His desire to keep this private, for Sami not to find out, says it's all about sex.
Not really...I think it's typical adulterous behavior. YOu don't want to make the move out of fear of losing both women, and looking at his kids and telling them what he did is really the biggest fear of all.....I think he wants her,but I don't think he's sure if he can make a relationship work with her, so he's at the point that he wants some on the side action while having the family adn the wifey at home....
So he wants his happy home and little fuck buddy, like I said it's all about sex.
Of course it's all about sex for now...but the fact that he can't leave tells me that there is more underneath it all. For years I heard how Sami was withholding her feelings for Ej out of fear, out of whatever.....and that deep down she did have them...I know it's early in this story but I wouldn't say that Ej doesn't feel something more for Abby now but he doesn't want to admit it to himself or her for whatever reason.
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