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S loves EJ

BigFat Irish Head
Feb 24 2014, 02:41 AM
Feb 23 2014, 09:40 PM
Feb 23 2014, 08:17 PM
Feb 23 2014, 07:58 PM
I am honestly curious: If this wasn't a threat (perceived, tiny, almost non-existent, whatever) to EJ and Sami's relationship, would these proper definition debates about what constitutes a slut, what constitutes an affair, and what constitutes fornication, what constitutes a whore, whatever.....would this even be happening? No one has won. Maybe the mods need to establish what definition wins: the legal one, the Biblical one, the one that's easiest to spell....the one with the most votes.....I dunno.
Funny, how no one brings up Marlena in this. I mean, if you want to call Abby a slut, then you need to call Marlena one, too. I guess Hope, too, since I believe technically she was married to Bo while off to find herself with Patrick. Was she a slut when she wasn't in her right mind with John? Wait, Maggie was a slut at one time, too. Let's see........we won't even go there with Nicole (thus starting yet another slut debate). Sami was already brought up ad naseum. Carrie, yeah, she was there at one time in slutsville, but somehow, the word doesn't fit her to her fans. Is slut in the eye of the beholder?
Well, it's not the ejami fans who are splitting hairs and trying to redefine terms so EJ/Abby/the ejabby affair won't fit the definition of sluts, whores, adulterers, fornication, etc. So, I doubt this has anything to do with ejami as a couple. Anyone who was here last year should remember when the unattached Sami was a slut for almost sleeping with Rafe a short time before sleeping with EJ. Anyone who was here two years ago has been around long enough to remember when Sami was getting called a slut for moving from Rafe, to EJ, to Lucas. And those who were around a few years before that should remember when Nicole and Sami were sluts for sleeping with EJ, and Carly was a slut for sleeping with Bo. If this were 1994, or whatever, people would be talking about Marlena's cheating ways, too. Maybe after the mods finish redefining the terms, they should find a way to get everyone to stop pretending this is a new development.
LOL, yes I do remember when Sami was called every name in the book because of her involvement with Ej. It is amazing how far she has come. I am so proud of the woman Sami has become.

This is just my opinion, but I don't think Abby is a slut....anymore. She has passed that stage after the sleazy shower sex. Now she is headed full steam toward sex obsessed stalker. :facepalm:

It is one thing to make a stupid mistake in cabingate by letting Ej used sex to manipulate her into keeping her mouth shut. Sometimes people lose control and let lust take over. It is still wrong, but everybody makes mistakes. But once she kept pursuing him by constantly throwing herself at him, knowing fully well he had a family and was engaged to her former aunt, she more than earned the title of homewrecking slut....which she should wear with price since she seems to have no shame or scrupules.

However Easylay graduated from slut to sex obsessed stalker after Ej dumped her in Valentine day. Once Ej told her it was a mistake and it was over, she should have accepted it and walked away with whatever dignity she has left. Instead she kept following Ej around town and spying on Ejami and making threats. Her latest stunt of showing up in his place of work after checking his and his fiancee's schedule and impersonating someone else was proof that she is no longer just some ordinary slut, she IS a classic textbook sex-obsessed stalker. If I had hooked up with some random guy and he was stalking me that way after I tried to break things off, I would call the cops and get and restraining order. But I guess Ej can not really do that since his dirty little secret would come out.

Calling Abbyslut out on her sluttiness does not absolve Ej of his wrongdoings. He is by all means a weak cheater who is being led by his dick. They are both equally appalling, except that Ej is actually trying fix his mistake while easylay can't take no for an answer.

I don't see EJ trying to fix his mistake. The first time at the cabin, he went for seconds and showed little remorse afterwards. He met Abby at the cabin again and made out with her. Then he took the initiative and pursued Abby into the storage room at the hospital. He teased Abby about her use of the word "IF" it was over. Abby initiated the shower incident, but he was very willing and encouraged it. He told her to lock the door and smiled as she went into the shower.

At times we've seen him telling Abby it's a mistake and saying he loves Sami . . . blah blah blah. To me, that's not trying to fix a mistake. It's just empty words, because then EJ just does it again.

EJ didnīt try to fix his "mistake" before the shower but he has after that when he told Abby he is working things out with Sami.
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Feb 24 2014, 07:00 AM
Feb 24 2014, 12:49 AM
I am amused by the idea that Abigail is an important character. Before she discovered EJ's magical peen, to me at least, she was nothing more than Will and Sonny's cousin, on the days that I liked her. And on her STFU days, she was Dan propping, sanctimonious idiot who got on my last nerve. Sort of like the 20yr old crowd's Maxine.
Abby is an important character in her own right. She was born on screen, she's the product of the love between the last great super couple this show produced. So yeah, she's important with or without Ej's influence on her. Ej is only important because he's been in story with frontburner queen Sami for the last 8 years...do you really think he would have been this 'important' to the canvas if he had boinked Stephanie? or Carrie? I don't think so....so if you mean that a character's importance is only viewed when they have an interaction in story with a popular character then I can see where you might be coming from, but Abby is important in her own right....it's just that finally she's been given a story that has people talking..some hate it, some love it but they are discussing it and that is really all that Days gives a crap about.

EJ is a Dimera so I think he could be an important character outside of Sami if he doesnīt have a loveinterest he could work as just a villain.
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