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The Room Stops
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Feb 23 2014, 08:59 PM
I still despise them both. Adulery is forgivable but actively flaunting it in his wife's face by posing in a magazine together with a bunch of kids before he's even officially separated? They were flipping Jennifer off and had no remorse about it. The way they handled themselves was tacky and classless
That's the problem I have with them too. While cheating is wrong and despicable in most cases, they made a mistake. They could have owned that, and instead they flaunted it, they might as well have been saying "Neener neener". And doing a magazine spread unrelated to their movie, posing as a family, when his betrayed wife, who had planned on having a family with this man, was stuck fielding questions and paparazzi following her during a weird time of grieving ... is just flat out tacky and classless, as you said.

As for the whole whore-discussion... there are differences that set apart a whore and a slut IMO. Nicole's displayed some slutty behavior in the past, so have several other characters, but I really, truly dislike both those terms. I really do. Maybe it's the Tina Fey in me. It's thrown around so much that it's lost the meaning it used to have. I'm sure I've been guilty of it myself. Sami is not a whore, or a slut - and neither is Abigail. Kate used to be a whore, so did Kimberly. Also known as prostitutes. Whore does not = bad human being who effed up. Kate is not a bad human being because she used to be a whore/prostitute. She's a bad human being being she resorts to evil deeds. Whores accept money for sex. Slutty behavior also does not = bad human. Can we just call someone an asshole or an idiot, and leave it there? Those are not derogatory terms that just make all of us look bad, and allow for everybody to continue the use of that word to put women down.

Stepping off my :soapbox:

I feel like we've had this discussion before.
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