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Feb 24 2014, 06:50 AM
Feb 24 2014, 06:43 AM
BigFat Irish Head
Feb 24 2014, 02:41 AM
Feb 23 2014, 09:40 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepejami his and his fiancee's schedule and impersonating someone else was proof that she is no longer just some ordinary slut, she IS a classic textbook sex-obsessed stalker. If I had hooked up with some random guy and he was stalking me that way after I tried to break things off, I would call the cops and get and restraining order. But I guess Ej can not really do that since his dirty little secret would come out.

Calling Abbyslut out on her sluttiness does not absolve Ej of his wrongdoings. He is by all means a weak cheater who is being led by his dick. They are both equally appalling, except that Ej is actually trying fix his mistake while easylay can't take no for an answer.

I don't see EJ trying to fix his mistake. The first time at the cabin, he went for seconds and showed little remorse afterwards. He met Abby at the cabin again and made out with her. Then he took the initiative and pursued Abby into the storage room at the hospital. He teased Abby about her use of the word "IF" it was over. Abby initiated the shower incident, but he was very willing and encouraged it. He told her to lock the door and smiled as she went into the shower.

At times we've seen him telling Abby it's a mistake and saying he loves Sami . . . blah blah blah. To me, that's not trying to fix a mistake. It's just empty words, because then EJ just does it again.

I think the show has made it pretty clear that part of the reason Ej boinked Easylay in the cabin was to shut her up, the other part was obviously lust. No one is denying that Ej was a willing participant, but when Ej followed to the supply closet, it was after she threatened to tell Hope and walked away. While I agreed that Ej was more than willing to screw her in the closet, she initiated it by making the threat and saying that he had to sleep with her to keep her quiet.

As of Valentine day, Ej has been trying to end what he considers a mistake, but Abbyslult would not take no for an answer. She is basically stalking him now and even tried to blackmail him again by threatening to tell Sami. I have not seen Ej pursue Easylay not even for a booty call. She is the one who keeps throwing herself at him relentlessly.

After watching Friday, the mere fact that she made it her business to know both Ej's and Sami's schedule and impersonate someone to get to Ej was downright creepy. The way I saw it Easylay was like a temptress offering her body as bait, taunting Ej with her apple/vagina and Ej was struggling to resist the temptation. It kind of reminded me of Brady taunting Teresa with booze. Sadly, Ej was weak enough to fall for the temptation. But I guess today, we will find out if his love for Sami is stronger than his lust for the little slutty girl.

If Ej really wants the psychotic nymphomaniac stalker, he can carry on with the affair behind Sami's back since she is more than willing to screw him on the down low. He could have her as often as he wants, if it is really what he really wants, nobody is stopping him, certainly not Sami.

In my experience, if a man truly wants you, you don't have to chase after him, blackmail him or even convince him that he wants you. If you have to do all that, it is obvious, he ain't that into you.
If he was really that into her, he would dump Sami and go public with the relationship. His desire to keep this private, for Sami not to find out, says it's all about sex.
EJ is in denial.He thinks he loves Sami.He has been obsessed with having Sami and his children.Now that the obsession is within reach,he is loath to give up on it.If he actually loved Sami,there is no way he would have had sex with Abby once let alone three times regardless of what Abby did especially after hearing her actually say she loved him,moved in with him,and agreed to marry him.Go back and look at the last scenes between EJ and Abby after Sami left the gym shower area.If you look at his demeanor as he hands Abby her shoes,puts her coat around her,ties the blouse,and after she tells him she is not sorry.That is a man who does not know what hit him and it does not appear that there is any thought of Sami at all.
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