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Feb 24 2014, 01:48 PM
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From the makeup dept.
part of this photo will be very familiar to some of you in upcomming shows. Guess what part and which of your favorite actresses will be featured.
What does he mean?
Since it's from a makeup man's POV, I'm guessing that he's commenting on the fact that all the women are wearing brownish lip stick. We've been seeing it on AZ and JL already. Since seven out of the VF ten are blondes, I'm guessing that the DOOL actresses with this look will also include most of the rest of the show's blondes.
I'm quite impressed that you noticed that detail. Seriously. That's amazing.
LOL. Maybe I'm just overly into lip stick. But it did jump out at me from the photo.

And I've been pondering Nicole's hair and makeup in her new 'guilty look' ...glamorous but severely subdued.
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