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I can't see why actors can't have preferences. Sure, they have to act out what's in the script, but they are entitled to preferences just like anyone else. So I can believe that AS loved Lumi and JS loves Ejami and Ejole.

I can't even about Ejaby. The actors are probably scratching their heads... JS looks like her father.
What makes you think the actors are scratching their heads? I have seen nothing but them trying to sell this story and they are making a pretty good effort at it. I think they are succeeding too because some like ME, who have NEVER, EVER liked Ej in ANY pairing are seeing something to like....that is a success on it's own right.

I can't think of one reason for two actors that apparently want to be employed and in front burner storylines to be scratching their heads with this story....
Who is to say for every person like you who is enjoying EJ now, there isn't an EJ fan from before who is no longer a fan because of his actions in this story? I'm not even talking EJami only shippers. I'm talking those EJ fans who have enjoyed him in several pairings because they are a fan of his character but who can't tolerate his recent behavior. Like I mean, what if it's a wash with those people falling off the EJ fan bandwagon? And what if some of these people have been longtime fans.

It's not automatically great just because some 'new' fans are being garnered from this story. It happens with soap characters but it's not always a good thing. So, gaining new fans in and of itself is not necessarily the whole picture.

I'd still bet the farm JS scratched his head a couple times for this story. He's almost always been front burner so that's nothing new for him. He still cares about story even though it's his job to roll with whatever they give him.

Notice how I was giving my take on the point that the poster that I quoted was trying to make, which is that she sees JS and KM scratching their heads with this story. I made a point to state that I don't see that because I think they are selling the hell out of this story to the point that I and others, who have never liked Ej in a pairing like him in SOMETHING. To those that liked Ej in other pairings....more power to them....but I don't think that point is relevant in what I"m trying to state. If you liked Ej with Sami, or Nicole, or Taylor, then you might not like EJabby and that's fine, you've shown a liking to Ej in anything related to some kind of romantic story in the past and if it's not Ejabby now, because not everyone likes Ej as a cheater, then fine....but what I said is that at least this story is doing it for me, in a way no other Ej pairing has ever done.

So if they can sell Ejabby to me, then they can't be scratching their heads or anything else...they are in front burner story, enjoying the hell out of the buzz and the screen time they are getting...and if you don't like Ej now because he's with Abby, the likelihood is that when he circles out of her story and bounces back to Nicole, or they bring back Taylor or Sami makes a reappearance down the road, then you'll have something to like again, and I finally can fall in line with everyone else who has always through of Ej as the bees knees....lol

and sure he's always been front burner, but who knows what will happen after AS leaves....that is an unknown for him....so I bet he's not only happy that they do have plans for his character outside of AS' orbit and that the story will lead to something down the road if he stays.
Yeah, I believe my point is relevant because you said that this storyline was a success based on you liking EJ in it and my point is really what if it's a wash in the big picture of EJ fans? One could even argue damaging if longtime EJ fans aren't digging it, if JS or tptb would weigh those fans differently than newer fans. I'm sure tptb don't. JS may though. I don't know but it's possible.

The rest is assumptions on both our parts so we can just agree to disagree on that.
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