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Feb 22 2014, 10:32 PM
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She'll probably be kept from talking to Rafe for contrived reasons because the writers know that he'd just complicate their agenda with his objections about Nick. :eyeroll:
How would Gabi talking to Rafe complicate Nick's plans (or the writer's "agenda")? Rafe would most likely jump on everyone else's bandwagon and start saying how stupid Gabi is for believing Nick has changed thus making her even more susceptible to Nick's manipulations.

And for the record, even though I agree that Nick definitely has an agenda and is manipulating Gabi, it doesn't mean that what he is saying to Gabi about Sami and Kate isn't (mostly) the truth.

Plus I don't find Nick having the upper hand over Sami, Kate and EJ the least bit unbelievable. He is the most clever one of them all and has damning evidence that the coven tried to murder him. I am pretty sure he is able to make (plenty of) contingency plans for the case something happens to him and the (pretty unlikely) case of Percy betraying him, so I disagree it would be easy for the coven to get rid of him without being exposed as attempted murderers. I wouldn't mind them trying, but in any case I think Nick should be the one to come out on top.

Unfortunately I think TPTB see Nick as the vilain of this story and therefore it is likely they will make him somehow lose in the end. I see Sami and Kate as the main vilains so I want them to pay for trying to murder him.
As I explained in my earlier post, I simply don't think that it's realistic for Gabi to buy into Nick's manipulations at this point, especially not as quickly and easily as she has. If the writers had taken the time to construct some sort of Stockholm syndrome storyline, perhaps I could believe it, but they didn't -- instead, they just made Gabi dumber yet again to suit the storyline that they've decided to tell (which hinges on Gabi believing Nick instead of continuing to fear him, as she was just a few short weeks ago). That's the agenda that I was referring to. It's fine if you don't agree that such an agenda exists, but I certainly believe that it does.

Rafe's objections don't suit that agenda because he has been the only person who has been able to get through to Gabi in the past (it was a conversation with Rafe that ultimately led Gabi to decide to turn down the modeling offer, for example), and even if he couldn't get through to Gabi, he'd stop at nothing to prove that Nick was up to no good -- especially since Rafe has already been itching for things to do to make himself feel useful during his recovery process -- so I could easily see the writers finding contrived ways to keep Rafe out of this storyline just to extend its shelf life, just as they did the last time that they told a "Nick has the upper hand over everyone else" storyline that went on for far longer than it should have.

As for Sami and Kate being the villains of the story, we'll just have to agree to disagree on that one. None of this would have happened in the first place if Nick hadn't been obsessed with and tried to rape Gabi, and what Sami and Kate did afterward wasn't "attempted murder" -- yes, they're guilty of committing a few crimes during this debacle (and Gabi is just as guilty of each of those crimes), but attempted murder isn't one of them. There has to be intention for attempted murder to occur, and Sami and Kate had no intention of murdering Nick when they tossed him in the river, since they believed that he was already dead at that point.
It's ridiculous that Rafe is still being kept in the dark on this story. Gabi has always been shown to have a close relationship with her brother and respect his opinions. She's relied on him numerous times for support. I don't get the writers insistence to not include him and show him trying to reason with her. He may be firm in his stance about Nick, but I think Gabi would trust Rafe to listen to her side of things. Gabi and Rafe have one of the sweetest sibling bonds on the show and to not add to the story with his inclusion is a waste.
Yes, I wonder how Rafe would feel if he found out Nick. Tried to rape her and is still stalking her.
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