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Feb 24 2014, 08:32 PM
Feb 24 2014, 07:40 PM
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Feb 22 2014, 10:32 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepyet again to suit the storyline that they've decided to tell (which hinges on Gabi believing Nick instead of continuing to fear him, as she was just a few short weeks ago). That's the agenda that I was referring to. It's fine if you don't agree that such an agenda exists, but I certainly believe that it does.

Rafe's objections don't suit that agenda because he has been the only person who has been able to get through to Gabi in the past (it was a conversation with Rafe that ultimately led Gabi to decide to turn down the modeling offer, for example), and even if he couldn't get through to Gabi, he'd stop at nothing to prove that Nick was up to no good -- especially since Rafe has already been itching for things to do to make himself feel useful during his recovery process -- so I could easily see the writers finding contrived ways to keep Rafe out of this storyline just to extend its shelf life, just as they did the last time that they told a "Nick has the upper hand over everyone else" storyline that went on for far longer than it should have.

As for Sami and Kate being the villains of the story, we'll just have to agree to disagree on that one. None of this would have happened in the first place if Nick hadn't been obsessed with and tried to rape Gabi, and what Sami and Kate did afterward wasn't "attempted murder" -- yes, they're guilty of committing a few crimes during this debacle (and Gabi is just as guilty of each of those crimes), but attempted murder isn't one of them. There has to be intention for attempted murder to occur, and Sami and Kate had no intention of murdering Nick when they tossed him in the river, since they believed that he was already dead
Yes, I wonder how Rafe would feel if he found out Nick. Tried to rape her and is still stalking her.
Furious. I'd like to see it.

Rafe had the one scene with his sister where he was shown to be firm with Gabi and then confronted Nick. I would think Rafe would be keeping close tabs on his sister and Nick especially since he's not back full time at the SPD. This would be a priority to him! Yes, Stefano sent in Bernardi to whack his manhood off, but he also had Rafe's memories erased and locked him in an asylum too. Seems to me the "personal" vendetta against Stefano would consist of wheel spinning while his sister is in more immediate jeopardy of being sucked back under Nick's influence. It doesn't make sense that Rafe isn't on top of this and subsequently clued in to the attempted rape, murder cover-up.

But hey, maybe I shouldn't worry about Gabi not having a protective big brother anymore. They could always add Savoir Daniel into the story to safely guide Gabi while putting Nick in his place. The writers favor Daniel so much I'm sure they are looking for a way to include him in this story. And Rafe . . . well he can stay off to the side clueless to Kate and Lucas messing in his life while he drinks cups and cups of coffee at the club and pub without the slightest inclination to find out anything about his love interest let alone follow up on his sister. :shame:
Lucas should have clued in on the fact that both his mother and son, with whom he has been spending time, are worried about/hiding something. And I don't mean Will's surprise party. Lucas should also be watching Nick like a hawk after he tried to blackmail the son he went to jail for. Unfortunately, that would clash with TomSell's rewrite of history to marginalize Lucas.

Rafe and Lucas are apparently friends now. It would make perfect sense for them to talk about Nick's return, and between them realize that something is going on. So of course, they don't. Once again Lucas is shoved to the side so EJ's "heroic" ass can be properly kissed.
I agree entirely! Why haven't Lucas and Rafe shared a conversation about Nick?! These men are sharing scenes as friends so it should be brought up. Absolutely! The more I think about it the more pissed I am that it's been swept under the carpet and they are left instead with a completely asinine exchange harking to high school where Rafe asks Lucas about how his mom is handling him dating Jordan!! That was just embarrassing conversation to hand them. But, of course they can't widen the scope and let these men actually capture our attention with intelligent dialogue about something important to both men.

The sad thing is that I believe you're right and they will continue to be in the dark and pushed to the side. Lucas' son and Rafe's sister will be left without these two strong, capable and clever men having any helpful contribution. What a waste.
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