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Viewing Single Post From: Monday, February 24th Daily Discussion

The Scorpion
Feb 24 2014, 02:22 PM
Feb 24 2014, 01:45 PM
Roflmao. Ej was just fuckjng with her. Ladie and gentlemen the real ej dimera just entered the building! Bitch, u have been dismissed. Get lost trick.
yes, I thought I saw the real EJ today :) And Abby girl cry me a river. it's never good thing to be esylay.
you know I could almost feel sorry for, almost if she had not been such a selfish smug entitled bitch. She purposely went after Ej knowing he had a family with total disregard for Sami was kind to her or those children who actually look up to her. She actually thought she could steal Ej with her magical vagina as if.

If Ej had been interested in her, she would have no problem destroying Sami's life with no remorse. She is your typical home wrecker who want what they want no matter who gets hurt. She is so completely delusional and she imagined that perfect fairy life tale where she can have Ej all to herself because you know it is all about her and her needs, who gives a shit about Sami and her children.............oh yeah Ej that is who gives a shit, sorry Abby.

Trick needs to put on her big girl panties and deal with the harsh reality. After all, she is a grown woman and wanted to play with the big boys. Maybe she will learn her lesson and keep her legs closed next time.
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