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Sammie Jo
Oct 19 2013, 10:53 PM
Oct 19 2013, 03:56 PM
I picked this up from SOC which picked this up from MM's twitter.

Michael Muhney @michaelmuhney 38m

Omissions from several of my cast tell me that I'm doing everything right on camera.

Michael Muhney @michaelmuhney 36m

Some actors feel threatened, some actors are petty & insecure, and others are generous & welcoming. It's status quo for Hollywood.

Michael Muhney @michaelmuhney 31m

I applaud all my costars' work. They are my team mates. But it's not always necessarily a two-way street.

Michael Muhney @michaelmuhney 31m

But it's okay, I don't mind the shade. I'm already sunburned from so much spotlight. #punsfordays

Michael Muhney @michaelmuhney 26m

I'm not a part of the click. I don't play their games. And I much prefer it that way.

Michael Muhney @michaelmuhney 22m
And there are cast members that I just adore. I've made some dear friends. There really are some kind souls at work. #lottalove

Michael Muhney @michaelmuhney 16m

Omissions can be seen as standing ovations.
WTH is he talking about?
I liked him much better when he wasn't tweeting. lol
His tweets have made his arrogance very clear from day 1. He's full of himself and it just added to why I loathed the character even more. His hubris was his great down fall, if nothing else.

I don't miss him one bit on this show. There is no "I" in Team, Michael. Learn that.
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