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Feb 24 2014, 09:51 PM
Feb 24 2014, 09:25 PM
Feb 24 2014, 01:53 PM
Feb 24 2014, 01:52 PM
With Sami about to go into yet another anti-DiMera rant, I wonder if EJ has Abby's number on speed dial
At the very least, he'll probably be thinking....why the fuck do I really want to be with Sami again? Flashback to Abigail and how he treated her today and by Friday, HE'LL be seeking her out to apologize, lol
Too bad Sami is the one and only one Ej has ever wanted. Ej is well aware of Sami's flaws just like Sami is well aware of his. They are perfectly imperfect for each other. Ej has put up a lot of shit for Sami over the years without blinking once, I doubt a little ranting is going to scare him away. He loves Sami warts and all. Abby was nothing but a fleeting distraction and her services are no longer needed. Bye bye little girl, don't let the door hit you on your ass.

Ej can apologize all he wants, it won't change the fact that she is not the one, Sami is.
Ej fucked Nicole, Taylor and Abby he hasn't only wanted Sami

Everybody makes mistakes. :shrug:
Feb 24 2014, 02:44 PM
Feb 24 2014, 01:11 PM
Best scene of the day when EJ admits how disgusting he is for cheating on the woman he loves more than anything. Yup, that is one of the many disgusting things you've done, to her and to others. Abby girl, cut your losses, the guy's a creep anyway, you can do much better.
Theresa and Brady need to get drunk and ride off a cliff together.
Daniel and Jen, meh. Don't care either way.
Sami going off on Nicole, what else is new. Now she's harping on the Demiras for ruining Eric, like she didn't know how they operate when she moved in there. Can't wait for her to find out about her precious EJ's fling with Abbigail. I predict a lot of stomping.
And what about her own culpability... She knew Elvis knew things about what Kristen did,why didn't she tell Abe and Hope to interrogate him? Instead she just told him he couldn't have sex with her. Yea, that will help Eric's case, Sami... :rolleyes:

That makes absolutely no sense to me. How is Sami to blame for what happened to Eric? All she has done is try to support Eric to the detriment of her own relationship, when really she should have just stay out of it.

Fact is Sami did not know anything concrete about what Ej knew regarding what Kristen except that he found out five minutes before the wedding which as far as I know is not a crime. Sami suspected there was more to it than that, but she had no evidence except her 'gut' feeling. SPD can question Ej all they want, he does not have to answer them. He has rights including the right to remain silent LOL.

Besides why would Sami throw Ej the man she loves under the bus? Would Eric throw Nicole under the bus for Sami? Considering that he said that he loves Nicole more than his family, I highly doubt it.

I do agree about one thing, Sami should have never kicked Ej out of her bed out of loyalty for Eric. That was not only a childish move, but Eric does not deserve that kind of loyalty. He obviously does not care about Sami as much as she cares about him. I wish Sami would stop getting involved in his life and focus on her own.
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