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Maybe EJ is tired of putting up with Sami's crap. Maybe the obsession is over. I hope so.
I think EJ loves Sami's crap. A large part of the problem between them was that she stopped sharing her crap with him.
One of my least favorite things about EJ is that he makes me side with Sami. This has been true in this story too. His lie to her started out stupid and minor, but he kept making it worse to the point of mocking her and her brother who she happens to actually care about. EJ has had the ability to fix what was wrong with his relationship all along, and he chose not to do it. Sami didn't stop sharing until EJ stopped sharing. EJ wants Sami to trust him despite him not being trustworthy. There's a good way to be a flawed person in a relationship and I think this particular regime is screwing it up across the board with their couples right now.
I don't disagree with any of that. But my point is that EJ loves sharing Sami's crap. I think James has mentioned in at least a couple of interviews that from his perspective, EJ likes to help Sami with her crap. Maybe her crap takes his mind off his own crap. :D
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