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Maybe EJ is tired of putting up with Sami's crap. Maybe the obsession is over. I hope so.
I think EJ loves Sami's crap. A large part of the problem between them was that she stopped sharing her crap with him.
One of my least favorite things about EJ is that he makes me side with Sami. This has been true in this story too. His lie to her started out stupid and minor, but he kept making it worse to the point of mocking her and her brother who she happens to actually care about. EJ has had the ability to fix what was wrong with his relationship all along, and he chose not to do it. Sami didn't stop sharing until EJ stopped sharing. EJ wants Sami to trust him despite him not being trustworthy. There's a good way to be a flawed person in a relationship and I think this particular regime is screwing it up across the board with their couples right now.

I never felt that Ej had to get involved in the Kristen/Eric mess for Sami's sake. I supported Ej's decision to keep his mouth shut. If I were in his position, I would have stayed out of it too. Heck, I have been caught in between my husband's family and my own and I did exactly that even if deep down I knew my family was wrong. Blood is ticker than water. I bet if it had been Will, Ej would have been willing to stick his neck out for him because he cares about Will. But Eric has treated him like a piece of gum in the bottom of his shoe, so Ej is not obligated to risk his safety and the safety of his family to help him.

That being said, Sami has every right to stand by her brother and I even supported her when she kicked ej out of her bed. But she took things too far and put Eric before her relationship with Ej which is something I would have never have done. My husband comes before my extended family no matter what.
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