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Feb 24 2014, 11:33 PM
Feb 24 2014, 10:29 AM
SOF Spoilers

Johnís return to Salem starts out on an unpleasant note and squeals its way through the rest of the week. Heís barely had time to breathe in the fishy air of the town when he runs into Hope. Black quickly turns her smile into a frown when he deals her some news about Bo that she does not want to hear. As Hope tries to adjust to the latest upset in her life, John has a run-in with Marlena. It doesnít look like the kind of reunion that will result in strawberries and whipped cream any time soon.

Already in a bad mood about Beauregard, Hope then has to deal with Samiís latest antics. The cop blows up at her and they get into a battle of words. Sami has other things to deal with too. Johnny manages to perplex his mother when he tells her that Abigail is in love with Rafe. Samanther isnít sure whether she should laugh or be horrified. Meanwhile, Abby is feeling almost the same thing when she notices that being stung by EJís serpent could have her swelling. And as Sami continues trying to figure out why Abby has apparently fallen for Rafe, the cop discovers that his real love life isnít all itís cracked up to be. After he gets in the middle of another skirmish between Ben and Jordan, it looks like Rafe could be headed back into the singles market.
:facepalm: What a WEIRD choice of words/analogy!
so Abby does have a pregnancy scare.

Why shoud Sami care if Abby has fallen for Rafe, why does she think she has some say in any love life Rafe may have anyway?
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