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Feb 25 2014, 12:43 AM
Feb 24 2014, 11:53 PM
Feb 24 2014, 05:57 PM
Well that was anti climactic.

Looks like AS just read the script in the make up chair.
I agree, although I'm a little relieved that it didn't get uglier. I hate it when the villagers of Salem surround Nicole with their torches and read her litany of sins to her.

It was interesting that the crimes Sami brought up involved breaking Eric's heart when they were teenagers, just like they did with Marlena. I wonder what parts of her history are going to be ignored in the "Bradys vs. Nicole" saga.
They're ignoring the part where Nicole wasn't dancing through the streets gleefully ripping up Eric's heart and throwing the pieces in the air like confetti. Nicole's life was wrecked and her heart was broken when the child porn she was forced into was revealed during that time. But Nicole wasn't allowed to defend herself.
Oh, I totally agree. It's amazing to me that the things Nicole is reamed for are the things over which she had no control -- her marriage to Lucas/breaking Eric's heart, her miscarriages, her porn past/abuse past. She's done some bad things in the past, but it's the stuff that's not her fault at all that Salemites throw in her face.

Somehow no one ever mentions that she was forced into some of those situations or that it's Sami's fault she can't carry kids to term or that it's a terrible thing to taunt someone about her miscarriages or sexual abuse.
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