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S loves EJ

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That was an "EJami" interview. Like LL said, he has said different things depending on what is going on story related at the time.

That interview was released on the same day that EJ and Abby kissed, which we already knew was happening, due to the promo, and he spoke about EJ's opinion of Abby. You can't get more story-related than that.
well that's fine and all but that still doesn't necessarily mean that what I said isn't true. He is having an affair with Abby...he was engaged to Sami....his 'relationship' is with Sami....obviously...even at the point of the kiss before the cabin...I can still see where James would say that he doesn't see Ej in a relationship with anyone else....but that doesn't mean that is not where this is going to end up in time. At the point of the interview he was justifying Ej's actions and giving his opinion that he can't see him in a relationship outside of Sami...then again, he's been in a relationship with Nicole, and with Taylor...so what exactly can we really take from what he says?

...hanging onto every single word James says will lead to sure disappointment, since his brilliant twists and fantastic shit leads to a bunch of head scratching from those that have followed him and liked his stories for years.

I wouldnīt hang on to every single word but JS seems to love Ejami based on several interview where he has been fangirling a lot and talking about how he thinks they deserves a wedding. I do thinks he likes working with AZ and KM too though and he has at least sold the Ejabby story to me so I donīt think he has been scratching his head until I get indications that says otherwise. I can see how he would enjoy a front burner storyline and see that there are other stories for him when AS leaves. Maybe he has been vague in interviews to not upset the Ejami fans and former EJ fans probably would have been lost anyway since AS is leaving. I get the impression from the interview though that he thinks what EJami done to each other in the past is worse and I agree but it seems like there are people who thinks Ejabby sleeping together is worse maybe because cheating is more close to home.
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