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Who is to say for every person like you who is enjoying EJ now, there isn't an EJ fan from before who is no longer a fan because of his actions in this story? I'm not even talking EJami only shippers. I'm talking those EJ fans who have enjoyed him in several pairings because they are a fan of his character but who can't tolerate his recent behavior. Like I mean, what if it's a wash with those people falling off the EJ fan bandwagon? And what if some of these people have been longtime fans.

It's not automatically great just because some 'new' fans are being garnered from this story. It happens with soap characters but it's not always a good thing. So, gaining new fans in and of itself is not necessarily the whole picture.

I'd still bet the farm JS scratched his head a couple times for this story. He's almost always been front burner so that's nothing new for him. He still cares about story even though it's his job to roll with whatever they give him.

JS finds it hard to imagine EJ being in a relationship with someone besides Sami, so yeah, I'm sure ejabby had him scratching his head.
When did JS say that? Is there a clip or interview I can read where he is quoted saying that? I'd be interesting in seeing or reading this in context.I don't recalll having seen or read this although I must admit I just recently started to read/view interviews.I generally just watch the show.Thanks to anyone who can help me with the material.

Okay,I read the portion of the interview provided.No where do I see words from James Scott that he does not imagine EJ in a relationship other than or besides Sami.Is there another interview or clip where those actual words are used or is there speculation this is what he means based on what he said during the portion of the interview cited?

Whether or not Abigail proves to be a threat to EJ and Sami’s future, both actors agree that the couple has seen worse — and survived to tell about it! “It’s very hard to imagine… even with the two of them having these problems, him having a relationship with another woman,” Scott guesses. “These guys have been through a lot and they’ve managed to stick with one another through some pretty tough times.”

Read more: CENTER STAGE: ‘DAYS’ Alison Sweeney and James Scott Discuss Future of EJami, EJ/Abigail Romance, Fights, Murder and More! - Soap Opera Network http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2014/01/center-stage-days-alison-sweeney-and-james-scott-discuss-future-of-ejami-ejabigail-romance-fights-murder-and-more#ixzz2uLhe4pmV

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