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Feb 25 2014, 11:07 AM
Feb 25 2014, 10:38 AM
Feb 25 2014, 10:28 AM
Who cares what JS thinks? He doesn't even watch the show. Never understood it. Never will. But it makes me care little to none what he thinks.
Well,I am interested in what the actors think about their character or story whether I agree with them or not.I have read that James Scott thinks that EJ and Sami have a lot of chemistry and he loves kissing her.I do not see sexual chemistry between them and he often wipes his mouth after scenes having them kiss therefore I do not see that he enjoys kissing her unless there is something going on with her lipstick.
Do I think the show should be written to cater to what the actors think/want? Absolutely not.I hate that the show made Daniel Melanie's father and Maggie's son.I hate that the show put Chad and Melanie together because it made me hate Chad with Abby which I could have gone with in the absence of Melanie.
I'm loath to even say this, but I don't remember him doing that at all. Sounds pretty unprofessional, too.

Anyway, I care what the actors think in the same way that I care what people on the boards think. It can be interesting to hear an actor's take on things, and I think it's sad that a lot of actors are too afraid of backlash from the fans to share their opinions on the characters.
Great way to look at it and agree. I'm not a James Scott fangurl but I find him fascinating. I don't buy half what he says and his tastes don't always match up with mine but once in a while they align. I watched District 9 because of him. I fully expected to hate it but turned out to be a good movie. Plus, if he came out and said Ej would never look twice at Abby, I'd lmao.
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