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Sammie Jo
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Feb 25 2014, 01:20 PM

Um, millionaires and billionaires the Billy Abbott's only have one bedroom? Is johnny sleeping in their room also ? LOL BIlly has to sleep on the couch after getting home from the hospital? Time to get more then a one bedroom home, babe. Ridiculous !

Jack, sure hit it on the head today when he told Billy what was wrong with him. Go Jack !

Ian, signed his death warrant when he sends that pic via phone to Nicki of him & Summer ! NIck will rip his ------'s off. LOL

RE: Neil, if you have to beg somebody to marry U maybe she's just not into U, you think?

Must be the Genoa City water supply that makes all these people clueless.
I had the same thoughts about the bedrooms, but what was really weird was, at first he said he'd take the couch because he couldn't make it up the stairs, then today, Victoria is saying she told him she would sleep on the couch. :shrug:
That house has to have at least 3 bedrooms, PLUS, there is the guesthouse/garage apt, where Chelsea stayed when she was pregnant with johnny.
I cannot get into this billy at all, everyday it gets worse. Today I just muted all his conversations, his voice annoys me, that weird thing he does with his mouth when he's over-acting, drives me nuts, not too mention, he looks like he should be doing a Clearasil commercial not playing 40 year old Victoria's husband.
Just dump him, tell victor he was right and move on!
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