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Feb 26 2014, 12:32 AM
I like Lisa and I like Brandi. I do believe Brandi in this situation completely. It just fits.

I agree that she probably doesn't understand everything going on around her. I believe she believes some of the things she says are true, but she doesn't perhaps have the ability to understand gossip from truth or just when it's a truth no one will publicly confirm.

I believe Lisa is as conniving as has been made out, I just don't care. She definitely used Brandi's heartache to launch her brand and set her in situations where she'd be forced to confront Schaenna for her spinoff.
Finally! A Lisa supporter that isn't totally bias. I swear, Lisa and Teresa supporters are blind. It's okay to still have your favorite and acknowledge their faults. Kyle is probably my favorite housewife, but I will never forget how awful she was in Season 2, and I made it no secret how I felt about her in that season.
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