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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepToo bad Sami is the one and only one Ej has ever wanted. Ej is well aware of Sami's flaws just like Sami is well aware of his. They are perfectly imperfect for each other. Ej has put up a lot of shit for Sami over the years without blinking once I won't mention names of anyone he did want because it upsets my Soapy
I know it's what you claim but I don't think it's what you believe. Otherwise you wouldn't have felt the need to fly a shipper flag. ;) But that doesn't mean I don't think you're a fan. I'm not THAT stupid, lol, and that's not for me to say anyway (and I wouldn't say any of this if it wasn't you I was talking to). I don't believe EJ's dialogue that day negates the Taylor fiasco where he was barely even thinking about Sami. I also don't think it negates what followed at the beginning of MarDar's run when they barely crossed paths. Despite any dreams he had, I don't think he loved her after she shot him. There's also a period near the beginning when I don't think he wanted her (at the beginning of the flip floppy writing). Mostly, though, I don't think absolutes are true. He hasn't always loved her and he hasn't never loved her (BEAUTIFUL sentence structure).
It's like you don't even know me, LIEsee. :facepalm:

My need to fly a shipper flag is due to the fact that it confounds me that I still ship them no matter what. As much as I'd like to be able to step back and look at them objectively, I know I don't and I can't. That's why I fly the flag...I'm letting y'all know that what I'm about to spew is going to sound like nonsense to the people that don't love that pairing like I do - but here it comes anyway. :lol:

I'm admitting my unexplainable bias up front to save us all a little bit of time and effort. :shrug:

It doesn't mean that I don't agree with Soapy about wanting to deliver a swift kick to EJ's frank and beans...or however she put that yesterday. And after the shooting I spent months saying I hoped EJ would actually find someone else because I was sick of Sami stomping on our his heart. I mean, the bitch SHOT him in the HEAD for gosh sakes! :glare:

But yeah...I absolutely believe that EJ has loved Sami from right around the time of the whole 12/29 scenes. I've always said I feel like he thought he'd be able to just waltz out of Salem, mission accomplished and not worry about her again (aside from the fact that he'd have to make sure his planted seed took. :yuk: ) but after he was gone he realized differently. Even during Taylor and the various rounds of EJole and being the mayor and all that crap, I've always thought that EJ would have jumped at the chance to truly be with Sami and have her return his feelings. Even when he was so angry with her after the shooting and forcing her away from Johnny, etc. I felt like it was driven by his underlying hurt. And the hurt came from the fact that he still loved her even though there was absolutely no reason why he should. I like to think it probably pissed him off as much or more as my inability to stop shipping them has me. :$
There's a wee little part of me that still feels the way you do, Soc. And I love that you can still fly your freaky shipper flag but I'm not feeling it currently.

Yes, I agree that it's always seemed as though EJ loved Sami, at least that's how JS played it. Even after Sami shot him in the head (PS She's still a bitch for that), he admitted that he loved her & even dreamt about kissing her. And since I am of the firm belief that most of 2010 & 2011 never happened, I can go along with him still loving Sami during this scarf sniffing mess y'all keep referring to, that I have no recollection of. B-)

However, I cannot, even if I think EJ still loves Sami, be okay with him letting Sprout climb his bean stalk...REPEATEDLY!! To me, this is on level with Bitch shooting him in the head. I was done with Sami then, & I'm pretty much done with EJ now. And, to add insult to injury, the fact that EJ is so incredibly HAWT, does not keep me from loathing him entirely.

I just think he's a freaking HAWT cad.

And this makes my Soapy heart sad.
THIS is pretty much exactly how I feel, Soapy.

I could spit fire at EJ these days. Even after he effectively flicked the buggar that is Abby off his finger the other day. I'm not sure I'll ever forgive him for this crap...even if Sami does.

But I've learned over the years that no matter how pissed off and disgusted I get with them...I still prefer them together than apart or with anyone else.

And I know I'll feel a whole lot better about things if we get to see Samantha Gene rain molten lava all over Eeeej's dangly bits after stringing Sprout upside down by her training bra in the middle of Horton Square before this is all said and done. But maybe that's just me. B-)
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