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Feb 24 2014, 03:46 PM
Monday ("Threats")
Jennifer thinks Theresa will be a threat to her reunion with Daniel; Brady feels he is being watched; EJ tries to end things with Abigail.

---Oh god...Tannifer reunion #600...Yeah, that's what we've all been clamoring for...Ugh. EJ, please DON'T end things with Abby...She's the only thing making you interesting for me at all right now, although this whole s/l seems to be at a rather boring talking-in-cirlces standstill at the moment.

Wednesday ("I Spy")
Hope and Aiden work together; Nick tries to prevent Gabi from going out with T; the person spying on Rafe and Jordan is revealed.

Hope & Aiden, I can get on board with...As long as Ciara of the Corn is involved. She is one of my current faves.


Friday ("Deals Gone Wrong")
Abigail and EJ come to an understanding; Marlena makes a bad deal; Jennifer helps out Eric; Jordan is left shaken after a confrontation with Ben.

EJAbby I might care a little...Marlena I always love but not crazy about this s/l...A "bad deal" I hope involved Stefano...I miss him and I love Joe & Deidre...Could care less about the others unless Ben is somehow awesome. Seeing Jennifer in any spoiler makes me want to blow chunks.

All of the spoilers make sense except "Abigail and EJ come to an understanding".He sent a message Monday,she obviously understood the message based on her statement to JJ that her thing with the older guy is definitely over even though JJ had his doubts.I am trying to fathom what else there is to understand.
I am looking forward to Thursday/Friday to find out what/who initiates them coming to another understanding.I find it hard to believe it is Abby given what she said to JJ.I like that Abby is accepting that it is over between her and EJ.I want to see whether Abby continues to "stalk" EJ by having him following her all over Salem and coming up with some trumped up reason to talk to her and likely touch her.
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