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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Feb 26 2014, 01:29 PM
See, this is why I don't get all cliff jumping from Ejami's or celebrating from anti-Ejami's about this Ejabby storyline. To me, this is much less of a hiccup than Ejami has faced in the past. Back in early 2011, EJ had zero love for Sami, was in love with a scarf and hired a stranger to fuck her pretending to be her husband. Talk about a low point. Don't get me wrong, I HATE the Ejabby storyline, but it's still beyond obvious that EJ loves Sami in spite of his stupidity and that Sami loves EJ in spite of her daily screeching. Yes, cheating is bad, but compared to what they did to and how they felt about each other in the past, I don't get the big deal here. I mean, Ejami is obviously going to break up because AS is leaving, but if she wasn't, I'd just consider this another bump in the road.
I think it's more about Ej finally getting Sami and then fucking someone else. With every other time, he didn't have her, he moved on with someone else, whether it was Nicole or Taylor it seemed that he resigned himself to be with this person because he knew that Sami wasn't going to be his (for the time being). He then later fell for these women, but during the time it seemed that if he could have Sami love him and be with him, he had no need to 'move on'....Contrast that with what is happening now...he's fucked someone else while WITH Sami. That and the fact that AS is leaving is playing into it also....I think if AS wasn't on her way out the door, many here would do what we always seem to do..wait till Sami circles through her men. I think there is a more definite outcome at least for this time. Whether she leaves with Lucas, Ej, Rafe, alone or dies....there is an 'end' in sight at least for now (Until AS decides to come back to Days for the end of the 50th anniversary). lol
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