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S loves EJ

Feb 26 2014, 01:29 PM
See, this is why I don't get all cliff jumping from Ejami's or celebrating from anti-Ejami's about this Ejabby storyline. To me, this is much less of a hiccup than Ejami has faced in the past. Back in early 2011, EJ had zero love for Sami, was in love with a scarf and hired a stranger to fuck her pretending to be her husband. Talk about a low point. Don't get me wrong, I HATE the Ejabby storyline, but it's still beyond obvious that EJ loves Sami in spite of his stupidity and that Sami loves EJ in spite of her daily screeching. Yes, cheating is bad, but compared to what they did to and how they felt about each other in the past, I don't get the big deal here. I mean, Ejami is obviously going to break up because AS is leaving, but if she wasn't, I'd just consider this another bump in the road.

While I agree that I donīt think Ejabby is worse than the other stuff Ejami has done to each other I understand why a lot of people thinks so since it ruins the image of EJ only having eyes for Sami, and even if he still loves her he doesnīt loves her as much as some believed or else he wouldnīt have cheated on her. I know he has been written to be inlove with Taylor and Nicole but if you donīt like those pairings you could see it as him being in denial about his feelings for Sami and them being his second choice because he couldnīt have Sami but this time he did something bad to her while finally having her at least she still wore his ring and not being in denial about his feelings for her, plus cheating is closeer to home so maybe itīs easier to relate to that than a dubbelganger.
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