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Oh, I agree. The only reason I enjoy the show is a due to a combination of fanwanking, lowered expectations and just going for the ride that the writers have created. It's just that up until this point, the show always had Sami do something wrong (that the writers tried to spin as heroic) for EJ to react to. And it was easy for me to believe that they could deal with their issues, break the pattern, and make each other happy.
Yeah, I think in this case, EJ's motivation was a little flimsy, but at least the writers tried to give him one. They spent two months specifically (and about 7 months indirectly) building up to EJ feeling so rejected by Sami that he'd cheat on her. By Days' low standards, that's a HUGE amount of character build before a SHOCKING TWIST! I mean, look at EJ's motivation build up in comparison to Abby who just apparently randomly decided one day that casual sex with an almost-married criminal who had harmed many members of her family was a-okay! The lack of concern the writers have for Abby's character is hysterical.
He liked the book and that's all it takes to win over a Johnson woman.
Stephanie might want to throw the book at EJ.
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