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Marlena was questioning what evidence may had been found about chyka and how he and it got away. She buys that she and Daniel went to help, it's the lack of evidence that was Retrieved, and Nicole being alone with it that she questions.

There she is questioning, Does Nicole really want to help Eric to be a priest again.

I also think that is why Nicole is more uncomfortable talking to Marlena..... she's looking for deception.
Which I find laughable because how many times has Marlena gone out to get Stefano and they've come back with no evidence.

She should know even with the best intentions it happens.

( Unfortunately due to an unexpected writers blip she does happen to be right but it's not unexpected that you could end up with no evidence)
The lack of evidence on it's own isn't the problem. She didn't grill Daniel about why he came up empty.
That's because she doesn't trust Nicole.
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